Transparency, Timing, and Trust

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Successful product development demands control of many factors, of which transparency, timing, and trust are the most crucial


If your firm doesn’t have the organizational, political, and cultural infrastructure in place to manage this conversation in a way that keeps progress moving forward in a controlled fashion, you have no business being in the business of product development


  • The competition beats you to the supermarket shelf
  • Corporate leadership turns over and has a different set of priorities
  • A chosen technology reveals fundamental change in its offering
  • A global pandemic completely alters the context of social interaction

We are all always working on borrowed time


Product development teams get tight in a hurry, and the trust formed between those resources becomes the very scaffolding within which the products are constructed

Generation and Maintenance

Business can be like a tilt-a-whirl, exerting forces and pressures that we do not foresee and are ill-equipped to withstand



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Drew Harteveld

BUSINESS PROCESS & OPERATIONAL LEADERSHIP; I organize people, process, and tools to create scalable delivery to the market.